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L&D Leaders,
Stop taking orders.

Start working more strategically, intentionally, and with measurable impact.


Workplace Learning Strategy
Say no to "one size fits all" solutions.

Get to where you need to go with our individualized analysis combined with a plan to start and/or improve your learning initiative, training needs, leadership development, or onboarding programs.
L&D Team Strategy and Coaching Sessions
Grab a guide for your journey. 

Gather your Learning & Development (L&D) team to make and follow-through on a plan to help you work more strategically, intentionally, and with measurable impact throughout your organization.
Becoming a Strategic Business Partner  Workshop Series
Get out of the "order taking" box. 
Participate in a series of workshops to learn the methodologies and skills needed for Learning & Development (L&D) professionals to stop taking orders and start working as a strategic business partner.
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About Jess

Jess Almlie excelled in learning and performance roles for over 25 years, culminating in a role as Vice President for Learning Experience where she successfully led a cultural shift to move L&D from order takers to strategic business partners. 

Now she is working to help other L&D leaders and teams do the same. To get them out of the "order taking" box and begin to work more strategically, help solve the tough talent challenges, and have a bigger impact on our organizations and their people.

Jess is a strong leader who builds trust and gets results. If you are wondering where to start, how to measure, or anything in between, it's time for us to talk! 

Thought Leadership


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Let's Talk!

How can Learning Business Advisor Consulting help you, your company, or your professional association to move forward? Fill out the information below and we will reply to set up a time soon. 

Thanks for reaching out! We are looking forward to learning more about your unique situation. Watch your inbox as we will be in touch very soon.

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